Friday, March 1, 2013

Making Pixel Quilts

 I am totally fascinated with the pixel quilts i saw at QuiltCon.  When i was driving home that night an idea popped into my head for my own pixel quilt.  Never before have i been so inspired  by a quilt technique.  I've already started the process of selecting the image and making a pattern for it.  I've even worked out how i'm going to quilt it (at least in my head).  For this quilt to come out the way i envision it, i will need to really practice my free motion skills.  Maybe even take a class or two.  I'm getting some help from this FREE online class on Craftsy.  

The class is called Pixels To Pictures Quilt by Caro Sheridan.  
She shows you how she made her Blink Quilt (pictured below) and how to use your own image.

Pixel Quilt

Come and join me.  If you never used Craftsy before this free class is a great way to see if you like the format.  They also have put many of the lectures that were given at Quiltcon, also for free!

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