Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Swoon Block Pillows

It has been so hard for me to find time sewing. And when i make time i feel guilty because there are so many other things with deadlines that i should be doing.  However, i did take a little time to work on the Swoon block pillows that i promised to my sister-in-law when i gave her the Swoon quilt.  I've actually had the blocks put together for quit awhile but i ran out of the flax yarn dyed linen and it was very hard to come by.  I finally just ordered a full bolt so i'll have some for my projects and some to sell.  So if you've been looking to get your hands on some Essex Yarn Dyed Flax, Denim, or Black you can get it here, here, and here!

Swoon block, Ruby Fabric, Thimble Blossoms

I decided to do these a little different than the Quilt and deviated from the directions that called for just 2 fabric prints and went with 3.  I ran out of the fabrics used in the quilt so i wanted to find a way to make the pillows look different but still cohesive with the quilt.  I had scraps from the quilt back left (the blue/white dot) so i used it in both of the pillows to tie them together. And by using the blue for the flying geese i was able to save enough of the small flower fabric to use in both of the blocks.

Swoon Quilt Block
This one is my favorite!
Swoon Pattern by Thimble Blossom

I think it will look pretty good when it's all done.  Now I just have to figure out how i want to do the pillow part.  Zipper?  Envelope?  Will see...

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  1. These are SO pretty! I have made so many of these blocks yet I'm always surprised that they are so big. Weird...

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking. I hope they make pillow fills this big!

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  3. Those blocks look stunning and will be perfect pillows!
    I made a couple of Swoon pillows last year and opted for envelope back, just because they were so big!

  4. Wow...the quilt is gorgeous and the pillows will match nicely.

  5. These are fantastic! I love the essex, and the softer colors. Makes me want to go start a swoon quilt right now!

  6. Those are so beautiful! I love the swoon pattern... Must start making my own soon!

  7. Swoon! I love these and I love your quilt also :)


  8. I like that the pillows are different - It will look so nice with the quilt!


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