Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Red

Over the weekend I started making this cute little doll "Little Red" a pattern by Larissa Holland.
This of course is my version,
 "Little Bell Blue"

pattern by Larissa Holland

I think the retro feel of the fabric is perfect for a handmade doll.  
I also used some scraps of Essex in flax.  
The yarn dyed weave gives the face and arms great texture.

Denyse Schmidt

On my next one, and yes I will  make more,
 i think I need to work on her facial expression. 
 She seems well...
 a little blue
 or scared?

But she was tons of fun to make and the pattern was written well.  
You can find the pattern here on Craftsy.

I do have a suggestion that will make things a little faster. 
 In the instructions it tells you to mark stitching lines on the fabric with a fabric pen.  
I skipped this step. 
 Instead i used a fabric glue stick to hold the pattern on the fabric.
Then i just stitched over the lines...
 much like you would when paper piecing.
 And then just ripped the paper off when i was finished. 
No marking! 
I can't wait to make more.
The fabric combinations are endless...

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