Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quilt Love @ Quiltcon Part 2

 Here are more quilts that i loved.  I really like these quilts because of the complicated simplicity.

 I love how this one uses earth tones and keeps the eye moving...
Off the B.O.W. by Jessica Brown, Rachel Barness, Heidi Elliott, Wendy Frieden, Susan MacDonald, and Joan Christ

 I think this one belongs in an art gallery...
Self Study by Chawne Kimber

 I'm such a Parks and Rec. Fan, this just made me smile :)...
RonQuilt: The Ron Swanson Quilt by Monica Solorio-Snow

 Talk about awesome, the work that went into this one...
EssbeeCon by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

 Just loving the pixelated quilts, I'm inspired to make my own...
Don't Blink by Caro Sheridan
It was fun hanging around the don't blink quilt watching people trying to figure out what it was!

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