Monday, May 14, 2012


Even with company this weekend I did manage to make progress on the Salt Air Quilt.  When I started this quilt I hadn't yet figured out what fabric I would use for binding.  I really didn't have anything on hand that would look good and the local shops around me don't carry this line of fabric {at least not yet} so i took to the internet.  I chose getting it quickly over the least expensive online shop.  Luckily the Fat Quarter Shop is in my backyard and this is what I chose for binding.

Too bad they are an online only shop,  I would probably camp out there if they were a brick and mortar.  Here are a few pics of my progress on the quilt

While I'm waiting on the fabric I am contemplating adding some quilting lines so that each seam is outlined.  What do you think?  Quilt more or leave it alone?

Since I'm undecided I decided to fill my time by layout a new baby quilt with blocks I've had done for awhile.  It's very similar to the baby quilt I made for my sister.

Hopefully both of these will be finished and up for sell in my shop by weeks end!

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