Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Accidents

Thanks to my lovely "cat" alarm I was able to wake up before the sun came over the trees to take pictures of my newly finished quilt in the nice morning light.  I was taking my time setting up each shot  since I had some time before the sun would start to peak over the tree tops.  As I was taking the last shot my batteries died on my camera. UGH!  I quickly ran back inside to get the back up batteries and finished up my shots.  I came back in poured myself a cup of coffee and set down to upload the photos and edit them.  Except... there was nothing! nadda!! zilch!!! on my memory card.

I grabbed the quilt and ran back outside and of course the sun was already too high.  I did manage to find a spot that was decent enough to take pictures but by the end I was in the sun.

But, I'm glad that happened because a couple of shots came out really well that show off the quilting.  I think the pictures came out better the second time around too, even though I was rushing.  I must admit I didn't know how this quilt was going to turn out.  I was just winging it and making decisions as I went.  I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!

And thankfully we have had some rain recently that has helped lessen the drought and green up the grass.  If you would like to purchase this quilt it is available in my shop here!

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