Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Nest

The nesting season for birds is almost over and I'm lucky enough to have a pair of Carolina wrens nesting on my patio.  They started building the nest in my potted plumbago way back in march.  I promptly put up my webcam so I could spy in on them.  They would visit the nest everyday adding to it but never laid eggs.  Finally at the end of June she laid 4 eggs, only 3 hatched.  I have been watching them daily double in size and soon they will be gone.

The baby wrens have now opened their eyes and are starting to get in their brown feathers.  They are now making so much noise when mom comes in with a worm.  Check them out while they are still here.  I expect them to leave the nest (fledge) sometime between July 19-25.  It will probably happen somewhere in the middle.

I also have several Black Chinned hummingbirds feeding on several of my feeders hanging near by.  You can hear them from time to time.

BTW, did anyone catch the HBO documentary: Birders: The Central Park Effect on Monday?  It was a fabulous documentary and makes me want to visit New York all the more.

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