Friday, April 12, 2013

I Need Your Vote!!

Recently i entered the AccuQuilt Barn Quilt Design Contest.

Wednesday i got an email saying one of my blocks
 was chosen to be apart of the top 100.

I'm so excited!

Now voting is open to the public
 and i would be honored if you would vote for my block.

Block #41
This is my block #41 in the voting.

The winner will have their block displayed at AccuQuilt's headquarters 
as well as a trip to attend the unveiling.

I would love to win!!
To vote just click here
Hurry voting ends April 17th!!


  1. I voted for you - I really like your design. It is both traditional and modern!

  2. Just voted for you--this is a GREAT block!!

  3. I voted for yours, too! Hope you win, because it's fabulous.

    Elizabeth E.


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